Digestive Health

Our digestive tract is technically outside of our body, a long tube that takes in substances and sorts them for us so nothing harmful gets into our bloodstream. In addition to digesting food, our gut is also where 70-80% of our immune cells live. Bacteria and food are kept outside of our body, in the digestive tract, and are only aloud to pass the gut lining and into the bloodstream if deemed safe. A diversity of beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract helps keep proliferation of microbes in check. Immune cells in the gut lining, called Peyer’s Patches’, help identify harmful invasions.

The Microbiome Project: Gut-Brain Axis

Dr. Jack Gilbert explores the relationship between the microbes living in your gut and your brain with the help of Dr. Sangram Sisodia and Dr. Myles Minter from the University of Chicago. Learn more at https://microbiome.uchicago.edu/...

Jessica Green

We make decisions every day based on the visible world around us. Yet much of our lives is shaped by what we can’t see. The Green Lab wants people to see the important role microbes, ecology and evolution play in every facet of our lives.

Microbiome Futures – 23rd May 2018

Where New York, USA New York Academy of Medicine The live event, on May 23, will be the culmination of a thorough research process, during which the working group will be gathering input from a global pool of stakeholders in the microbiome space. It will...

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